Template Overview

A template is like your mailing's stationery or letterhead. It ensures that your mailings are sent with a consistent, properly-branded look that renders well on different email programs and devices. Additionally, because a template is reusable, each template will greatly improve your efficiency when creating new mailings.

Designer Skills

While there are lots of things that a non-designer can accomplish when working with a template in the Informz editor, having a designer create your templates is a best practice. Be sure that your designer understands that the HTML used for an email template can behave differently than the HTML used for a website. Please consult with your Advisor if you have any questions about the HTML in your template.

Working with Templates

Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View.

Hover over the menu icon to the left of the desired template to view the available options.

Choose from the following options:

  • View: Click to view the template in a preview window.
  • HTML: Click to access the template in the HTML editor.
  • Text: Click to see a text version of the template.
  • Style: Click to modify the template location styles.

  • Properties: Click to modify the fundamental settings of the template. The Friendly From, From Email Address, and Reply-To Address are key settings for every template and will default to the System Settings value if left blank.

  • Copy: Click to make an editable copy of the template.
  • Delete: Click to remove the template.

Learn More!

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