Template Layouts Overview

The building blocks in Template Designer are layouts. Each layout allows you to add a unique element to your mailing, such as a header, footer, mailing content area, organizational section, etc. Additionally, each layout already has built-in HTML behind the scenes that is designed to render properly across all devices, so you never need to worry about the look and feel of mailings using your template.

Dragging and Dropping

To add a layout, open Template Designer and either create a blank template or modify an existing one.

All layouts appear on the left side of the Template Designer Design tab.

You can drag and drop layouts onto the canvas. Simply click-and-hold the layout you wish to add, drag your cursor to your desired location, and release.

When you release, your layout becomes part of the template and is ready for editing.

Layouts are Static!

When you drag and drop a layout onto your template, remember that the layout itself is static. This means that the person creating the mailing from the template cannot edit any of the layout's properties.