Template Gallery Overview

Every email needs a template, and Informz is here to help with the Template Gallery. It's a great solution to quickly add a new design to your account when you're under a tight deadline to produce an email with a new look and feel.


Navigate to Mailings > Template Gallery.

You can also navigate to Mailings > Templates > View. A new page with a list of your available templates will appear. Click on the green button in the upper right to Visit the Template Gallery.

Take a Tour

See an overview of the gallery by clicking the Take a tour button.

Customize Template Information

To begin, click the Gear icon in the upper right corner and fill out the custom template information. This will be used for any template you select from the gallery. Once you have this information, you and your colleagues never have to wonder if an imported template is set up correctly.

A pop-up window opens with fields used to populate the imported template.

Adding a Logo

Each template from the template gallery supports a 650 px wide by 300 px tall logo. Always be mindful of your logo's size. If your file is larger than 200 px wide by 200 px tall, your subscribers (especially those viewing on mobile devices) may experience greater load times.

Select and Import a Template

Within the template gallery is a growing catalog of both mobile-optimized and responsive designs. The featured templates in the first row have been selected by Informz designers as the best matches for your account.

To select a template, click the Add To Account button below the image.

A pop-up window appears with a preview of the template.

Click Add Free Template to make a copy of this template into your Informz account.

If you haven't updated the custom template information yet, a popup window appears requiring you to do so. This is solely so that you do not have any issues when you go to use the template. If the custom information  has already been populated, a pop-up window appears stating that the template has been successfully added to the account, along with information about the folder location.

More Coming ...

The template gallery will be updated regularly with new and seasonal offerings. Both free and paid templates are available.