Template Gallery Images

Many Template Gallery templates come with predefined images, and while these are well-suited for the template at hand, they may not be exactly what you need. Fortunately changing images in a template is easy! Simply upload an image into the Asset Manager first and you’ll be ready to go. Let’s look at the basic steps to add your own image.


Identify the Template Gallery template you wish to modify, hover over the corresponding Menu icon, and select HTML.

The HTML editor opens. Identify the template image you wish to change.

Click on the image to select it. Then, click the Insert/Edit Image icon on the editor toolbar.

A new Insert Image window opens. Click the Folder icon to open the Asset Manager.

In the Asset Manager, select the image you wish to insert, and click Insert.

The image URL displays in the Insert Image window (along with the dimensions, alignment, etc.). Click Insert to insert the new image.

The new image now appears in the Template.

Click Update to save your changes.

Now, when you preview the Template, the new image displays.


There are some nuances to note about images in the Template Gallery templates:

  • While you can replace the images, you cannot edit them.
  • They do not affect your account’s asset manager (i.e. they are not part of the asset manager).
  • If you wish to reuse an image from a Template Gallery template, simply copy the image URL and paste it into the Image URL field for your new template/mailing.

Picture Perfect!

Feel free to modify the pictures in your Template Gallery templates to suit your organization’s needs.