Template Folders.

While preexisting folders are a great starting point when organizing your templates, you may find that another folder pattern makes sense for your templates. Informz provides users with the ability to create custom folders to suit your organizational structures and preferences.

Let's get organized!


Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View.

Click Edit to create a custom folder.

Click New Folder.

Enter a name and click Submit to create your new folder.

When creating a template, simply select the folder as part of the Properties for the template to store it in a specific folder. You can also move templates to folders from the template view.

Deja Vu?

If you think that creating a custom template folder seems similar to creating a custom target group folder, you'd be one hundred percent correct! Informz has a standard method for creating folders. We want you to focus on creating an amazing mailing to help build your audience, so we've kept the housekeeping easy!