Template Editor Basics

The Template Editor is a powerful tool and an integral part of Informz. Here, you will build and modify the templates that provide the underlying style for your mailings. While building templates can be an involved topic, breaking down the basics of the editor will ultimately help you understand the steps along the way.

This article will focus on creating a template from scratch. However, do not hesitate to check out the related articles to learn about the template gallery!


Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View.

Click Create.

The Create Template pop-up opens. Click the dropdown list to select the type of template to create:

  • Standard (One Content Area)
  • Advanced (One or Many Content Areas)

Advanced templates are recommended – they provide greater design flexibility!

Click Create.

Add Template Group

The Template Editor Opens.

Enter a name for the template. Note that this name will not be shown to readers – it is for categorization purposes only.

Click the Folder dropdown to select a folder where the template will reside.

Enter any additional Email Information as necessary (these fields will default to the system settings for “Friendly From” and “Reply-To”).

Click Next to continue.

Setup HTML Template

The Setup HTML Template section is an HTML editor with several features that help you build you look and feel. There are several options at the top of the editor. These include:

  • DOCTYPE: Specifies the document type as either No DOCTYPE or HTML5 (for responsive design).
  • HTML Head Tags: Sets the head tags for the HTML. Note that some email clients will remove this information from a template, so it is best to include inline code styles!
  • HTML Body Tag Parameters: Basic parameters for the body tag.
  • Use Standard Footer?: Includes the standard, required unsubscribe and subscription modify links from Informz. Note that the standard footer will not match the template’s styles. Uncheck the box to remove the standard footer (so that you can design your own).

The Template section allows you to work directly with the code to design your template. Additionally, by default, each template includes one or more Location Codes (indicated by dual percent signs on either side of the code). Here is an example:


Location codes let you populate your template (and subsequent mailings) with your content.

Remember, designing a template with HTML requires a bit of technical know-how.  Always feel free to reach out to your Advisor with any questions about template design.

When you have finished with your HTML design, click Next.

Setup Text Template

Like the Setup HTML Template section, the Setup Text Template is an editor that allows you to design your template. Unlike the HTML Editor, this section is limited to text content and the standard footer only. However, you will still include location codes in the text editor.

When you have finished with your text design, click Next.

Setup Template Locations

The Setup Template Locations section allows you to designate style sheets for your content and table of contents order (if you are using one!).

Click the Style dropdown list to select a style sheet for a content location.

If you are using a table of contents, click the Order dropdown list next to each content piece to select the table of contents order. This dropdown will default to “1.”

Click Update to finish.

The template becomes available in the designated folder.

We’ve Got You Covered!

As mentioned above, template building can become a pretty involved process that can benefit from some graphic and web-design know-how. Never fear! Your Advisor will be ready to help you with any questions that may emerge. We want to get your templates up and running so that you can have the best Informz experience possible!