TD/MD 2 Training and Webinar Registration

New Mailing & Template Designer Training

The new Template & Mailing Designers are sure to reduce the time it takes to design your mailings so that you can spend more time on perfecting your message! We know that your team will be excited to learn all about this efficient new process, so join an Informz expert for a step-by-step walk-through of the new functionality.

The  New Mailing & Template Designer Training will cover:

  • An Overview of Templates
  • Creating Controls for Consistent Branding
  • Editing Text and Images Effortlessly
  • Testing For Optimal Results

The Templates 101 Training will cover:

  • Controlling Mailing Styles Through Templates
  • Basic Template Creation
  • The Implementation of Templates with Mailings
  • Testing & Best Practices

Webinar “seats” are limited, so register today and learn how to make more time for perfecting your content with none of the coding hassle!

Registration Links

Click Here for TD/MD Overview Training

Click Here for Templates 101 Training

Recreating HTML templates in Template Designer

If you have seen the new Template and Mailing Designers from Informz, you’ve seen how the mailing creation process will be improved for your whole team. This webinar walks you through our three-step process to recreate your existing templates using Template Designer. An Informz expert will show you a step-by-step approach to recreate your templates and to maximize branding control, rendering, and usefulness by team members.

This session will cover:

  • The Capabilities of the New Template Designer
  • Tips and Tricks for Recreating New Templates from HTML Templates
  • Benefits of Making the Switch
  • How the Mailing Creation Process Will Improve

The sooner your new templates are ready, the sooner your team will have more time to optimize the message within your content. Register now to get on the way to greater efficiency!

Registration Links

Click Here for the North American Training

Click Here for the Australasia Training (check back for additional dates!)

A Better Way to Build

Get the inside details on this overview of all the changes that come with our new Mailing & Template designers! These new features will give you back the time you are spending wrestling with HTML and rendering.

This session covers:

  • Template Creation for Bulletproof Rendering
  • Streamlined Mailing Design for Content Focus
  • Baked-In Mobile Friendliness
  • Exciting New Editing Features, and so much more!

An Informz expert will guide you through this new approach to building your mailings, and answer your questions in real time. Grab your spot now to find out more about improving your team’s efficiency with this great new feature!

Registration Links

Click Here for the North American Training

Click Here for the Australasia Training (check back for additional dates!)