Targeted Subject Lines

Targeted subject lines allow you to set alternative subject lines that display to subscribers in specified target groups. Only subscribers in these groups will see these subject lines, so this is a useful tool to help increase your open rate by making the subject line relevant to each recipient!


In Mailing Designer 2 (MD2), navigate to Options tab > Envelope.

Check the Use Targeted Subjects checkbox. This expands the page to reveal the Targeted Subject Lines heading.

Click Edit to add a target group for your targeted subject line. Click the Plus (+) icon to include the corresponding target group.

Please note that you can only include one target group at a time. Recipients must be in both an included target group and the designated target group.

Enter the targeted subject line in the Subject Line field. Click the Personalization icon to add any personalizations to the subject line. Please note that while MD2 adds the personalization to the targeted subject line, it will not appear in the Personalization Test.

To add an additional target subject lines, click Add Targeted Subject. To delete a subject line, click the Delete icon (trash can).

Use the Up and Down arrows to rearrange your subject lines. This is important because any recipient that matches multiple targeted subject lines will receive the first match that appears in the list.

If recipients do not match any of the targeted subject line criteria, they will receive the default subject line.

Additional Details

Be aware that you cannot use targeted subject lines in MD2 mailings used in a Campaign or with a Landing Page. This is because mailings from these features are automated (and essentially already targeted), so targeted subject lines would not add any engagement value.

Wait...I Can't Seem to Save Anything!

Don't panic! You need a target group assigned to each subject line before you can save or send your mailing. Similarly, each subject line field must contain text. Oh, and also note that using targeted subject lines disables A/B testing for subject lines!