Target Groups Overview

Once you've gathered a set of information on your subscribers, you might ask yourself "What do I do with this data?" Target groups allow you to put your valuable subscriber data to work! A target group is a smaller part of your entire subscriber base - a subset of the whole built around commonalities that are then used to create that target group. For example, you can create a target group based on demographics (such as gender or home country) or personal information (such as city of residence or age range). Ultimately, a target group will easily empower you to control and tailor your mailings to these different sets of subscribers.

To find your target group options, navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Informz will open the Target Group table where you can view/manage your target groups and create new target groups.

You can access specific commands for each target group by hovering over the list icon to the left of any target group.

Dive Right In!

Now that you've had a preview of where to look, you can dive in and learn about the different types of target groups with the following articles: