Integrated Target Group Syncs

Because Informz can integrate with many different systems, the way that you sync integrated target groups can vary. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways that you can trigger a sync. Remember, keeping your target groups synchronized with your integrated database is critical!


There are several events that can cause an integrated target group to sync.

  • Publishing a mailing to an integrated target group (or a compound target group that contains an integrated target group).
  • Manually syncing individual integrated target groups through Informz.
  • Nightly syncs:
    • All integrated target groups created in the past seven days.
    • All integrated target groups included in a mailing in the past 90 days.
  • Daily interest list sync.

Please keep in mind that these events are not universal to all integrations. The table below shows which methods apply to each integration:

Integration Sync on Publish Manual Sync Nightly Sync Daily Interest Sync
Altai X
Aptify X X X
Association Anywhere X X X
Impexium X
MemberNation (Salesforce) X X X
MemberSuite X X X
netFORUM Enterprise (2013 or earlier) X X X
netFORUM Enterprise (2014 or later) X X X
netFORUM Pro X X X
Nimble (Salesforce) X X X
Personify360 X X X
Protech X X
Salesforce X X X
WebLink X X
YourMembership X X