Target Group Overview

Once you've gathered a set of information on your subscribers, you might ask yourself "What do I do with this data?" Target groups allow you to put your valuable subscriber data to work! A target group is a smaller part of your entire subscriber base - a subset of the whole built around commonalities that are then used to create that target group. For example, you can create a target group based on demographics (such as gender or home country) or personal information (such as city of residence or age range). Ultimately, a target group will easily empower you to control and tailor your mailings to these different sets of subscribers.

To find your target group options, navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Informz will open the Target Group table where you can view/manage your target groups and create new target groups.

You can access specific commands for each target group by hovering over the list icon to the left of any target group.

For each target group, users have access to additional menu options that may include any of the following:

Info – opens the Target Group popup (formerly known as “How Many”).

Edit – redirects the user to the page where modifications can be made.

Copy – creates a copy of the target group.

Delete – removes the target group from the list. Target groups cannot be deleted if they are used in a compound that is applied to a scheduled mailing.


Folders are being introduced to the new Target Group List page.  

The behavior of the Folder dropdown and the Folders popup (launched with the Edit button) follow the same features and functionalities as the existing Folders option found in other list pages.

Create an unlimited number of folders.

Informz automatically creates certain folders based on target group types, but you can rename these.  

Folder names must be unique with the account.

Move target groups from folder to folder.

When a folder is deleted, the target groups within the folder are also deleted.

Counts Tab

The Counts tab shows the number of subscribers, unique emails, repeat bouncers, and the total active unique email addresses for this target group.

Metrics Tab

The Metrics tab shows the metrics from past mailings this target group was used on. (This tab will only appear if the target group was used in a published mailing.)

Scores and Personas Tab

The Scores and Personas tab shows the Scores and Persona break downs for this Target Group. (This only appears if the Engagement Scoring extension is enabled for the account.) 

Subscribers Tab

The Subscribers tab shows the list of subscribers within the target group.

Sent Mailings Tab

The Sent Mailings tab shows past mailings where this target Group was used. (This tab only shows if the target group was used in a published mailing.)

Expand Tab

If the target group is a compound group, the Expand tab appears. This tab allows the user to see a tree view of all of the target groups that make up this compound target group.

Details Tab

For UPI and iMIS target groups, a Details tab appears. This tab allows the user to see the detailed counts and/or the breakdown for the target group.

Active Mailings Tab

If a target group is used in a scheduled mailing, an Active Mailings tab appears showing this list of mailings.

Dive Right In!

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