Target Group Deletion

Sometimes a target group has outlived its usefulness. When this happens, you may want to delete that target group so that you decrease clutter or avoid using it accidentally (deleted target groups cannot be used in mailings, etc.).

Don't forget that target groups compile subscriber information, but do not store that information directly. If you delete a target group, you'll still preserve all subscriber information!


Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Hover over the Menu icon for your desired target group and select Delete.

Your browser displays a confirmation message.

Click OK.

The target group is now deleted from the target group page's default view.

To delete multiple target groups simultaneously (aka bulk deletion), simply click the checkboxes for the corresponding target groups and click Delete in the toolbar.

Viewing and Restoring ("Undeleting") Target Groups

You can view deleted target groups by checking the Show Deleted checkbox.

Any deleted target groups appear in red text on the page.

To restore a target group, simply hover over the Menu icon again and select Undelete.


Never doubt how clever Informz can be! When you delete target groups in bulk, Informz now immediately deletes all target groups without validation issues and then opens a list of target groups that could not be deleted along with any reasons.

Target Group Automatic Cleanup

All accounts have a feature that automatically deletes unused target groups after a user-specified timeframe. Click here to learn more!

Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Deleting target groups is simple and helps you to maintain your subscriber data integrity. But don't worry, you can restore/undelete target groups that you need to use again!