Target Group Automatic Cleanup

Imagine that you've created several target groups for your organization's annual conference. Some are compounds, some are action-based, and still others came from web tracking and Landing Page interactions. In fact, because you have this near-perfect set at your command, every conference mailing was flawlessly targeted. Engagement improved, your conference attendance increased dramatically, and you received amazing kudos from all of your colleagues.

And then you moved to the next project, forgetting these target groups existed...

Fortunately, all accounts have a feature that automatically deletes unused target groups after a user-specified timeframe.


Navigate to Admin > System Settings and scroll down to the Target Group Automatic Cleanup heading.

Click the Activate checkbox to turn on the feature.

Use the first dropdown lists to select a Number and Timeframe (days/months/years). Click the next dropdown list to select the target group types to delete. You can specify Interests, Compounds, Interests & Compounds, or All Types of target groups.

Any target group (of the specified type) that is unused for this timeframe is automatically deleted. 

Target groups identified for removal are deleted automatically during a weekly behind-the-scenes process every Sunday at 6:00 am Eastern Time.

Stay Notified

Enter any email addresses for individuals to notify when the process deletes a target group.

We'll Remember So You Don't Have To!

Target Group Automatic Cleanup is especially useful when you have several target groups that have specific uses (such as a target group for an event that has come and gone). Use this feature so that once a target group is obsolete, you won't need to worry about it ever again.