System Maintenance

From time to time, we need to do some work on the Informz platform to keep it running in tip-top shape for you. Sometimes this is an infrastructure upgrade, sometimes it's some fixes, and sometimes it's a brand new feature or integration. Whatever the reason, once we are done, Informz will be better than it was before.

Typically, our system maintenance notices look like the image below (all times are in your local time zones based on your user preferences).

Except for highly unusual situations, Informz provides 24 to 48 hours notice to clients once a system maintenance effort is scheduled. Our hope is that this gives you enough time to adjust your work sessions and even to change the send time of any previously scheduled mailings. Please note that if there is a scheduled activity to occur during this time period, it will be safely queued up and will resume automatically once the system maintenance period is over.

In order to minimize unexpected behaviors, we do prevent logging in during these time periods. We've found, over time, that this is the safest and fastest way to proceed with these types of upgrades. While we know everyone always wants to be in Informz creating great mailings all the time, this approach has worked very well for these types of activities.

When new features and fixes are rolled out, we capture those release notes here in The KnowledgeBase. You can search on the date, the release number (YYYY.##), or just the phrase "release note." This is also a great way to stay up to date on all of the great stuff in Informz.

If you have any questions about specific system maintenances, please contact your Advisor.