Switching a Mailing's Template

It seems like styles change every week! Something in fashion one day may fall out of favor the next. Just like style, templates are subject to change as well. Whether you’re implementing a new design strategy or simply aligning your templates with a big event or holiday, you’ll probably find that you need to change an in-progress mailing’s template at some point. Let’s see how.


Navigate to Mailings 2 > View to open the Mailings List page.

Hover over the desired mailing’s Menu icon and select Edit.

MD2 opens on the Design tab. Click the Templates tab.

On the Templates tab, select the new template you wish to apply to your mailing.

Informz validates the new template for any differences. If there are no formatting discrepancies or restrictions, the template changes immediately.

However, if there are differences, Informz opens the Confirm Template Migration window. This window identifies the differences (and any changes that occur because of those differences).

To continue, check the I understand that the Stories listed above will be lost checkbox. When checked, the window displays the Update button.

Click Update to apply the new template.

Mailing Content Area Layouts Matter!

If you decide to change templates, make sure that you are aware of an important detail: if the new template does not support a Mailing Content Area (MCA) Layout that was in the old template, any stories that use that MCA Layout are lost when you apply the new template.

If the new template supports the MCA Layouts from the old template, the stories should migrate without any issues. However, depending on where these MCA Layouts are supported in the new template, you may see your stories shift to another area of the mailing!