Survey Reports

The survey reports available in Informz are useful because they show the results and every detail of each survey. It includes the following reports:

  • Page Summary
  • Results by Question
  • Results by Individual
  • Export to Excel


Page Summary Report

This report reviews each page of the survey to show how many viewed it, how many completed it, the percent completed, and the average completion time. Click View Results to view the results of each page.

Results by Question

This report shows the results of each question, as well as how many answers were returned.

Click View for the each question to view the total answers and percentages.

Results by Individual

This report lets you review the results provided by each individual survey-taker: 

  • Email: Email address of survey-taker (only if the survey link was inserted in a mailing using the Insert Hyperlink tool) 
  • Completed Survey?: If they completed the entire survey
  • Date: Date and time the survey-taker completed the survey
  • Number of Questions Answered: Number of questions the survey-taker answered

(Emails have been blurred out for privacy reasons.)

Export to Excel

By clicking on Export to Excel, a pop-up appears (shown below). Choose to Open with Microsoft Excel and click OK. This will open up an Excel spreadsheet with all report information inside.

Setting a Score for Each Answer

You may want to rank answers to get overall scores for individual survey-takers. To set a score for each answer, the survey must be in the In Progress tab. Hover over the Menu icon to the left of the survey name and select Scoring.

A pop-up window opens where you can select a score value for each answer. Once a score has been set, the score for each survey-taker is displayed under the Results by Individual report.

Start Reporting Today!

Sending out surveys is great, but looking at the reports and results is what supplies the real value.