Survey List Page

The Survey List page is used to view all of the surveys in an Informz account. Three tabs allow surveys to be viewed based on their state:

  • Surveys that are being created but are not yet live are found in the In Progress tab.
  • Surveys that are currently active are in the Live tab.
  • Surveys that have passed their active phase are held in the Archived tab.

In Progress Tab

The In Progress tab shows the surveys that have not yet been switched to live or that are already completed. Hovering over the action icon to the left of the survey name reveals a popup window:

Hover over the Menu icon and select one of the options below:

The Modify Format, Modify Pages, Go Thru Wizard, and Scoring options offer the same choices, whether you are creating a new survey or modifying an existing one. (See the “Creating a Survey” article for more information.)

  • The Test option allows you to test a survey.
  • Clear Answers removes any answers collected during testing.
  • Set as Live makes the survey live and ready to be taken by survey recipients.
  • Copy makes a copy of the survey.
  • Delete removes the survey from the list.

(Note that deleted surveys can be seen by clicking the Show Deleted checkbox at the top of the Survey List, and selecting Undelete for the survey makes it active on the Survey List page.)

Live Tab

The Live tab shows the surveys currently available and public for survey-takers.

The grid contains usage information, such as how many times the survey was viewed, completed, and what percentage of viewers completed the survey.

Hovering the mouse over the action icon to the left of the survey name reveals a popup window similar to the In Progress tab popup, except it contains a Reports option, which allows you to view the reports for the survey. (See the Survey Reports article for further information.)

Archived Tab

The Archived tab shows the surveys in an account that are no longer active. The grid and the action icon popup contain similar options to the other tabs. Archived surveys can be returned to the Live or In Progress tabs without losing the results that have already been accumulated.

Grid Controls

At the top of the Survey List grid are several controls allowing you to change the view or otherwise manipulate the information in the grid:

Create Folders: Organize each survey in a folder. Create or change folders using the Folder dropdown and the Edit button.

Search: Can’t find a survey? Use the feature to search through all surveys.

Customize Views: See as much or as little as you like – use Columns to modify the information contained in your grid views.

Reset: Returns the grid to its default state.

Now You Know

Now you know where to find all of your surveys, no more hunting allowed! Get out there and view your survey information.