Survey Action-Based Target Groups

Action-Based target groups for surveys are really powerful targeting tools. You can create a target group based on a single answer to a single question in a survey. Embracing the use of action-based target groups - especially for surveys - is something everyone should be doing.


Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click Create.

Select Action-Based from the dropdown and click Create.

Enter a name and select a folder to store this new target group.

Select one of the options in the Survista Pro section.

For example,  shows someone who did not open a specific survey, then select Next.

Click Next.

Depending upon the option selected above, subsequent prompts for surveys, questions, and answers display to allow you to select the appropriate criteria for the target group you are creating.

Click Update and your new action-based target group is created.

Target Groups? Bullseye!

Now you can target different groups of people based on their specific actions to previous surveys!