Suggested Content

Finding engaging content for your audience can be challenging, but if you’d like to share content that is both relevant to your organization and appealing your audience, you’ve come to the right place. Socializer’s Suggested Content feature is an easy way to retrieve content from other sites that is especially engaging to your audience. Remember, one of the most important goals of any social media effort is generating comments and activity!


Navigate to Content > Suggestions.

Socializer provides content around what you’ve posted from your Twitter account. Note that you can select the Twitter account that provides the basis for any related content (if you have multiple Twitter accounts liked to your user account).

By default, Socializer provides a list of staff recommendations and topics.

However, you are not limited by these suggestions! Click any of the content suggestions at the top of the page to add them to the right sidebar.

Once a suggested topic area is in the right sidebar, you can filter by that topic.

Socializer also provides a list of any related topics for that topic area.

Additional Filters

You can sort your articles in two ways:

  • Relevance
  • Time

Additionally, you can apply different filters to your articles:

  • All Articles
  • Articles with Videos
  • Top Articles This Week
  • Top Articles Today
  • Top Articles This Month

Search for Topics

While suggested topics are useful, you have the freedom to search for any topics that are relevant to your organization. Simply enter a search term in the provided field. You may search for that term or any of the related topics that Socializer recommends.

Press Enter on the keyboard to complete your search. Socializer displays a list of relevant social posts. Click the Plus (+) icon to add your search to the right the sidebar.

Working with Content Suggestions

You can work with your favorite posts directly through Socializer. Each suggested content post has a menu icon that opens a dropdown list with several interaction options.

  • Share: Share this content via your social media platforms.
  • Add to Queue: Add this content to your publishing queue.
  • Save Content: Save the content to your content library.

Alternatively, to save content, you can check the post’s corresponding checkbox and click Curate Content at the top of the page.

A new window opens where you can enter details for your saved content.

Here, you can add tags to describe your content and attach additional media. When ready, click Add Content to save it to your library.

Be Content with Your Content!

Remember that sharing suggested content brings forth material that is both relevant to your organization and appealing your audience!