Subscriber Mailing History

Provides detailed mailing activity information for a subscriber and only contains details for mailings less than 90 days old. After 90 days this detailed information is removed from informz. Summary level results can be accessed from mailing_activity. Less detailed mailing activity can be retrieved from subscriber_mailing_history_all.

Element List

Data Element Type Length Conditional? Description
Count Int False Number of matches found based upon criteria used
was_blocked Bit True Blocked?
Was_Clicked Bit True Clicked?
Was_Delivered Bit True Delivered?
Email string 100 True Subscriber Email Address
Was_Hard_bounced Bit True Hard Bounced?
Mailing_date datetime True Mailing Publish DateTime
Mailing_id int True Unique Mailing ID
Mailing_instance_id int True Unique Mailing Instance ID
Mailing_name string 255 True Mailing Name
Was_Opened Bit True Opened?
Was_Repeat_bounced Bit True Repeat Bounced?
Was_Soft_bounced int True Soft Bounced
Subscriber_ID Int True
User_id int True Unique remote ID


<GridRequest xmlns="">
 <Brand id="9999">Test Brand</Brand>
  <Grid type="subscriber_mailing_history">