Subscriber Upload

Have you created profile fields in Informz?

Have you created data formats?

Have you saved your list of subscribers as a text tab delimited file?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you are ready to upload your subscribers! Follow this three-step upload process!

Choose Subscriber Upload Method

Navigate to Subscribers > Upload > Upload Subscribers .

Choose your Upload Method.

  • Upload a file: This will allow you to upload a file from your computer. Select Browse, select the file. Informz cannot read excel, so ensure that your file is saved as a text tab delimited file before selecting it. 
  • Enter email addresses: this will allow you to upload a list of email addresses. If you are uploading anything besides just email addresses it is recommended that you upload with the Upload a File functionality.

Choose your Upload Source by selecting from the drop down menu. This will allow you to keep track of where the lists you are uploading are coming from.

Choose the Subscriber delivery format by selecting HTML version or text version.

Click Next.

Select Data Format

Choose the Data Format to use for this list. Informz will present only those data formats that have the same number of columns as the incoming data file.

The data format should have been created before uploading subscribers. Informz previews the data to help you to choose the appropriate data format. If the data format was not yet created, you can create one on the fly by selecting Create New (to learn how to create data formats, check out the related articles).

Once the data format is selected, click Next

Select Interests

Step three is to select the interest to associate with the subscribers being uploaded

  • Available Interest: These are any interests already created.
  • Create new interest: This allows you to add an interest on the fly. Name the interest, select a folder and then select Add. The interest displays in the Available Interests column.

Select the Interest by clicking on the name. It will be highlighted in blue. Click Select and it will be moved to the Selected Interests column.

To move an interest from the Selected Interests column to the Available Interests column, select the name and click Remove.

Click Upload.

Easy as 1-2-3...

The three-step process for uploading subscribers easily becomes more familiar to you the more you use it! To learn about creating profile fields or data formats, as well as viewing the upload history, check out the related articles.