Story-Level Targeting

When you add a story in Mailing Designer, you'll have the option to use Story-Level Targeting (aka “Dynamic Segmentation”). This allows you to send specific stories to a subset of your target group.


After adding a story in the Design tab, the click the Text Properties Targeting tab.

Click the Send this story to a subset of Opt-Ins checkbox to expand the menu and show the targeting options. Note that you must first select an initial target group from the Options tab.

Users may select one subset target group for the chosen story.

  • Click the Plus (+) icon to select a target group.
  • Click the Delete (x) icon next to a selected target group to remove it.

Dynamic and Logical

Story-level target groups function a lot like a dynamic compound target groups (using “and” logic). Any recipients in a story-level target group would also have to be in the main target group (target group assigned to the mailing on Options tab). This approach reduces the risk of targeting errors (e.g. recipients could in the subset target group receiving the story-level story only).