Social Sharing - Facebook Nuances

There are a few nuances that you’ll want to consider when you are using the Social Sharing feature with Facebook in Informz (note that these nuances are due to definitions set up by Facebook). Read on to learn more.


Image Names

When you upload images to Informz, and you want to share these images within your Facebook post, the thumbnails must have an image name of 15 characters or fewer with zero spaces. If you have an image name longer than 15 characters (or with a space), it won’t appear as a thumbnail in your Facebook post.

Character Length

You’ll need to have a story description with 120 characters or greater (including spaces!) in your story or Facebook won’t show the description.

Essentially, Facebook looks for the first paragraph tag (<p>) in your code that has 120 characters or greater to provide the description. Note that if you do not have such a tag in the HTML, Facebook can’t find a description to use! When using Story Layouts, make sure that your description/preview text is within the paragraph tag. Also, be mindful of length! If your preview contains fewer than 120 characters – even if it is within the paragraph tag – Facebook won’t find it!

Story Name

Always enter a name for your story. This name becomes the Facebook headline when you share the story.


Each social media site is unique, and Informz has made several discoveries about social sharing. By passing these idiosyncrasies along to you, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make sure that your social sharing experience goes exactly as planned.