Social Sharing

While social posting lets you share a mailing with your organization's social media followers, social sharing empowers your subscribers with the ability to share a story, an entire mailing, or another web page to their own social networking accounts. Let's look at the way to to add a social sharing link to your mailing. After all, if you do, your next story might "go viral!"


Navigate to Mailings > View.

Hover over the Menu icon for your desired mailing and click Edit.

Click the Design tab of the Mailing Designer.

Click any story location in your mailing to access that story's HTML editor window. Click your cursor where you would like to have the social sharing icons appear and then click the Social Networking icon from the toolbar.

The Insert Social Networking window opens. Here, you have several different options:

  • Select Social Sites: Informz lets you share with the following different social networking websites:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • AddThis
  • Icon Size: Select either large icons (with text) or small icons (without text).
  • Link the post to: Select how the social post links to the story within the mailing (web version, the story itself, or a specific web page). The fields expand based on your selection.
  • Image?: Add an image to the social post (opens an upload field). The image must be at least 200 x 200 pixels.
  • Title: Add a title for the post (this is a required field).

When complete, click Insert. Your social sharing icons now display in the mailing.

When you send your mailing, subscribers now have the option to share the story directly from the mailing. All they need to do is click the appropriate link. Additionally, they are invited to add a personal note to their post!

Using Story Layouts

While the steps above outline the way to insert social sharing icons into individual stories, you may want to make these icons a part of your story layouts. When you create a new story layout, simply click the social sharing icon inside the story layout's HTML editor. Save the icons inside your story layout, and you'll never need to worry about adding them one-by-one!

Double the Joy

When you send a mailing with fantastic content (i.e. all your mailings!), be sure to consider social sharing links to easily let your subscribers share your content with their followers. After all, as an old proverb goes, "a joy that's shared is doubled!"