Social Posting

Social posting in Informz facilitates sharing a mailing with your social media followers. This helps you increase the impact of your mailings through social media. When you publish your mailing to your subscribers, Informz simultaneously creates a social posting (based on your input) for your organization's social media account. This posting is accompanied by a link to the online version of the mailing.


Navigate to Mailings > View > Set-Up tab

Once in the Set- Up tab, navigate to the Social Posts section.

The profile pictures display the accounts that you have synchronized with Informz. By default, social posting is turned off (the pictures will appear "ghosted" out).

To enable social posting, click on the photo. The photo will appear colorized.

Enter a post in the provided field to accompany the online version of the mailing.

Click Save.

Before You Go Viral...

Make sure that you've properly set up your social media accounts! If they are not set up correctly, you may find that your social posting options fail.

You can check to see if your social posts are failings by navigating to the Mailing Activity Report for a mailing and checking the reports in the Viral tab. If they are, you'll see a failure message.

Click Resend Post to fix a failed post. If problems persist, feel free to contact your Advisor. He or she can help you set up your social accounts to make sure that everything works perfectly.

Gregariously Awesome!

Social posts are a great way to expand your organization's social media presence! Check out the related articles to learn how to synchronize your organization's Facebook and/or Twitter page to Informz.