Simpleview Syncing Overview

There are two steps required to sync personalization information from Simpleview. First, a personal info field is required for each incoming field from Simpleview. Second, a data format is required to map the incoming Simpleview data into Informz fields.

Personal Info Fields

Navigate to Subscribers > Profile Info > Personal Info.

Click Create.

Create one field for each Simpleview field you plan to bring into Informz. The names of the personalization fields must match the names from Simpleview. Each field should be set to varchar/text with a field size of 1-500.

If the Simpleview fields change, the data format must be updated to match the configuration of incoming fields that changed.

Data Format

Navigate to Subscribers > Upload > Data Format.

Click Create.

Name the data format CustomLinkedDataFormat. The first column in the data format should be Email and the second column Remote ID. Each subsequent column should be the personalization fields in the order they are supplied.

Other Considerations

When syncing, note the following additional considerations:

  • If fields are added to the RemoteMasterSubscriberList, the data format must be updated to match. If the data format is not updated, any new fields added to the end of the list will not be included in the update.
  • If the order of the incoming fields is changed in the RemoteMasterSubscriberList, the data format must be updated to match. If it is not changed, the incoming values will overwrite fields that they were not intended to update. This results in incorrect data placed in a field.
  • If an interest is no longer desired, it should be removed from the RemoteMasterInterestList View and then deleted in Informz. If the interest is only deleted in  Informz, it will be recreated in Informz on the next sync.
  • The sync is done every six hours or on demand via a button found in the target group page in the UI.
  • Unsubscribe and Opt-Out information is not currently synchronized.

Getting Help

As always, if you have any questions during setup, please contact your Advisor.