Simpleview Database Credentials (Setup Step 4)

In order for Informz to call to the copy of your Simpleview data, a SQL Server login is required for that connection. Use SQL Server Management Studio to create a login that uses SQL Server Authentication. You will need to complete the following items:

  • Username: informz
  • Password: Choose a password using a combination of letters and numbers.
  • General Tab: Set the default database of the login to the name of your database.
  • Server Roles Tab: Do not select any of these.
  • Database Access Tab (User Mappings): Select the database. Give the login the public role on the database and select access on the views RemoteMasterSubscriberList and RemoteMasterInterestList.

Connecting To Your Database

Once the above steps are complete, contact Informz with the following information:

  • External IP address of your database server
  • Port number
  • Database name of the production database
  • The list (in order) of field names supplied in RemoteMasterSubscriberList as personalizations.

Contact your Advisor or Informz Support with the password for the Informz database login, and let us know that Informz can complete your bridge. If using an IPSEC tunnel connection, supply the additional information with the password.