Set Your Classification.

While we often benefit from “thinking outside of the box,” sometimes boxing together similarities among organizations can provide amazing insights, especially when it comes to reporting.

Informz allows users to identify their organization with a Classification. A classification is your “organization type,” and it will let you see where you stand against industry benchmarks when you run reports. For example, if you’ve classified your organization as an “Engineering Trade Association,” then reports generated for your account will be compared to statistics for other Engineering Trade Associations.

Setting a classification is easy, and is one of the first steps you take on your Informz journey. Let’s see how!


Navigate to Admin > System Settings.

Scroll to the Information heading on the System Settings page.

Click the Classification dropdown list to select your organization’s classification.

The dropdown list will have many industry standard classifications from which to choose. If no classifications seem to fit your organization, click request a new classification. This will open your preferred mail client and let you notify your Advisor of your classification request.

When complete, click Update to save your changes.

Easy as Pie (Charts)!

Once you’ve set your classification, you will be able to see how you compare to industry benchmarks. In fact, Informz’s reporting features will show you exactly where you stand! Learn more from the related articles.