Setting up Twitter

To add your Twitter service, click the Services tab and select Add Services from the left menu.

Click Add under Twitter.

There are five different Services that can be set up for Twitter. To learn more about each of these options, take a look at the Twitter Services article.

To add your Twitter Page to Socializer, click Setup next to the Twitter option:

If you’re not already logged into Twitter, you’ll be directed to Twitter to provide your login details. Once you’ve entered your credentials, click Log In. Please Note: Please note that you need to accept all permissions requested by Twitter to ensure that posts can send through to Twitter on your behalf.

After logging in, the Settings page opens.

The How link previews should be posted dropdown list allows you to select whether or not the system looks to automatically pull images to include with your Tweet from any links you include. If you select Post with images, the Compose window reflects both the number of characters the link and the image use. Links take (at minimum) 23 characters even if they have been shortened (this is the same on Twitter) and 25 characters for the image.

Keep in mind that even if you select Post with images, there are instances where an image is not be included in the Tweet. These include:

  • If the image for a link preview means that the message is be truncated; the system won't include the image but does post the tweet as normal (without the image).
  • If the image for a link preview cannot be uploaded, the Socializer ignores the image and posts the tweet without the image.

Once you’re happy with the settings you’ve applied, click Save Settings. The service becomes available to post to when you click Compose and is added to the list of services.