Set the Default "Friendly From" and "Reply-To" Fields.

Though they may seem modest when compared to your subject line and content, it is important to create default values for your “Friendly From” and “Reply To” fields for your templates. After all, you want your subscribers to know who is sending them a mailing!

There are three fields that fall into these categories:

  • Friendly From
  • From Address
  • Reply-To Address

Let's learn about where and how to set these fields.


Navigate to Admin > System Settings.

Scroll to the Default Email Information heading on the System Settings page.

Enter your “From” information in the Friendly From field. This is what subscribers will see in the “From” line of your email, so this should be something recognizable (such as your association name or a familiar point of contact).

Enter a valid email address in the From Address field.

Enter a valid email address in the Reply-To Address field. All replies will be sent to this email address.

When complete, click Update to save your settings.

Don't Be Shy!

Setting your Friendly From and Reply-To Address fields are easy. Make sure you let your subscribers know that you and your organization are behind your mailings!