Setting a Test Group in the Advanced Set-Up Tab.

Are you looking to send your mailing to a separate group of people every time? (a group outside of your target group, that is!) Maybe you have fellow colleagues that need to see a copy of every mailing sent. If so, you've come to the right place. Informz allows you to designate a test group to receive these mailings.


Navigate to Mailings > View > Set- Up tab.

Scroll to the Advanced heading and click the Plus Sign icon (+) to expand the section.

Click Edit next to the Test Group field.

A new window will open where you have the option to Create a Test Group or to Choose a Test Group.

Select Create a Test Group to create a new test group.

Enter a Test Group Name and add the email addresses of the test group recipients.

Select Choose a Test Group to select an existing test group.

Select the Test Group from the dropdown list. The associated email addresses will display in the Test Group field.

Click Update.

The chosen Test Group will populate the Test Group field.

Communication Channels Open, Captain...

Using a test group allows you an simple and efficient way to keep your colleagues within your communications loop.