Set a Campaign Goal

The ultimate measure of most of what marketers do is for there to be some type of conversion. This could be a registration, a volunteer commitment, dues renewal, upgrade purchase, or a new donation. Being able to keep an eye on that key directive is becoming increasingly more important to organizations.

A campaign supports the idea of having a goal. After establishing the wider group participating in the campaign, and then comparing that to those that converted, the percentage is available for reporting. This is a great way to set your own type of benchmark to shoot for.


When saving a campaign, you will see the option to “Set a goal for this campaign.” 

When you set that to Yes, the area will expand and you can specify the criteria for the goal.

You must set the percentage of subscribers that you are hoping to see convert to reach the goal. Then you must select the target group that they must exist in to count as a subscriber that has converted.

We can base these goals on the Score that subscribers have achieved, their persona, activity like click and open rates, and we can also use target groups that are dynamic queries being sent over from an integrated database.

Enter a brief description of the goal that you hope to achieve.

You can only change the goals for campaigns that are in the In Progress tab of the campaigns view, by editing the campaign and clicking on the settings icon.

You can view the campaign reporting in either the Active or Archive tabs.

Once in the reporting, you will see a meter that shows you how close you are to achieving that goal.


Say Olé to setting goals for your campaigns that will help you set custom benchmarking.  Without any intricate footwork, you can even use queries from an integrated database to set goals that are based on things that your integrated database is tracking that Informz may not be.