If you’ve used social media marketing tools in the past, you may be familiar with the concept of “profiles,” “channels,” and the like. Services are similar – they allow you to pick the exact functions within a social media platform that you wish to engage with from your account. For example, if you are using a social platform, you’ll probably find that you have two major service options:

  • Posting to the social media site from your account.
  • Pulling information and other accounts’ posts into a live feed where you can reply from your own social channels.

While the types of services you can engage are dependent on the social media platform, the possibilities you have by using services are virtually endless.


The Services area allows you to integrate your social media services with Socializer.

There are many different social media services you can add, and Socializer groups these to make them easy to find.

My Services

Click My Services on the left sidebar to manage your existing services. Here, you can edit or delete any service you have already added.

Adding Services

To add a service, simply click Add for the social platform you wish to include.

A new window opens that contains all the services available for that social platform.

Click Setup to enter credentials and authenticate your desired service.

At Your Service!

Services relate specifically to the functionality you want to use on a site, but it’s often helpful to step back first and consider all the sites with which you want to engage. From there, you can then think about the functionality you need to use. Take a little time to plan what you need from each social media platform and how the different services available can help – you’ll yield amazing results with Socializer when you do!