CNAME Troubleshooting for DKIM


If the authentication test is not passing:

  • Your DNS change many need more time to propagate.  Check your DNS settings to see how long it will take for your record to be live.
  • You may need a period at the end of the "Alias" field. (ex:
  • You may need a period at the end of the "Name" field (ex: "s01a._domainkey." OR if your domain is not assumed, you may need "s01a._domainkey.yourdomain.")
  • Make sure that the fields are in the correct order when creating your CNAME record. Remember, your domain should be pointing to the domain. It should look something like, "s01a._domainkey.yourdomain" points to ""
  • Make sure that the 2nd CNAME record is configured properly (ex:s01b). This second record is needed in case the DKIM keys are rotated in the future.

Each DNS is different, so we've included some troubleshooting tips below for CNAME configuration:

  • GoDaddy uses "Points to" in place of the "Alias" field
  • GoDaddy assumes the domain for the zone you are editing, so you may not need to add your domain into the record at all. Remove your domain from the record and try testing again.
  • SoftLayer uses "Points to" in place of "Alias" and requires a " . " at the end of the field
  • Office 365 uses "Address" in place of "Alias" and does not require a " . " at the end of each field
  • Network Solutions uses "Alias" in place of the "Name" field and the "other host" field is really the "Alias"
  • You may need to refer to your DNS provider for additional instructions if you are unable to successfully complete the configuration