Send to Friend

A Send This Mailing to a Friend (SAF) button or link allows your subscribers to forward a message without losing or compromising the original rendering of the mailing. It also allows you the ability to capture the email address that the subscriber forwards to! Setting this up for your mailings is a two part process that involves your template.

The first part is modifying the template to include an area that displays the message from the original recipient that he's types to his friend. This is a special type of location in a template. The second part is updating the properties of a template with the SAF location, with settings needed by the feature.

Please keep in mind that the friends of your subscribers are people that your organization does not have a direct relationship with. Therefore, you should not directly email those friends solely from your subscriber's use of the Send-A-Friend feature.


Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View > select a template's menu > HTML

Select the text or image in the HTML of that template to create the “Send to a Friend” link.

Click the Insert Hyperlink toolbar button.

Select Send to Friend Link in the Hyperlink Type menu and then click Insert Hyperlink.

You may also choose to add your Send to a Friend link in the actual mailing (rather than in your template). If this is your preference, you must put the following code in your template where you wish for the “message from a friend” to be placed: %%SAF_MESSAGE%% Wherever %%SAF_MESSAGE%% is located is where the default note or the note that the sender writes to his/her friend appears.

Note: Wherever you decide to add the link, don’t forget to update the text version! For templates, hover over your template name and navigate to Text > Recreate Text.

Using Send-A-Friend in a Mailing

To activate Send-to-a-Friend, navigate to Mailings >Templates > View

Find the template you want to apply the feature to, hover over the Action menu to the left of the template name and select Properties.

Check the Use Send-to-Friend checkbox, and the Properties box will expand. Complete the Landing Page and Message to Friend fields and specify the message font.

Always be aware that your Send to Friend links do not work in the online version of your mailing.

Let Your Subscribers do Some of the Work!

When your subscribers pass on your information, everyone wins. Take advantage of this!