Send Time Optimization

If you send to a certain list of subscribers often, try using send time optimization (STO)! Using STO sends the mailing to individual subscribers at the time that they are most likely to open their inbox (based on their history of interactions with your mailings). This way, your mailing will be at the top of their inbox when they check their email.


Navigate to Mailing Designer > Send tab.

Click Schedule Mailing.

A new window opens with different sending options.

Select Optimized to have the mailing sent over a 24-hour period (based upon when the subscriber historically has opened mailings). Informz sends mailing batches every hour during this period.

Click Yes to schedule or No to cancel scheduling the mailing and to exit out of the scheduler.

Make sure that you always set a schedule option (remember, you need to consider your subscribers who have never received a mailing).

Quite Logical!

If you are curious about how Informz's STO logic works, there is a behind-the-scenes procedure that looks at the following conditions from top to bottom:

  1. Last 30 Days of Opens: Informz finds the hour that the subscriber has opened the most emails over the last 30 days and sends at that hour.
  2. Last 60 Days of Opens: If the subscriber did not open a mailing in the last 30 days, Informz goes back 60 days to determine the hour when the most opens occurred to determine a send time.
  3. Regional Domain Preference: If the subscriber has not opened in the last 90 days, and the subscriber is on a regional domain (.uk, .au, etc.), then Informz looks for other subscribers in the same region and determines the most common time when they have opened emails to determine a send time.
  4. Immediate Send: Anyone who excluded from the previous three conditions is sent the mailing immediately.

Keep in Mind...

STO is best used for mailings that are not time-sensitive. Remember, it could take up to 24 hours for your subscribers to receive their mailings.