Send Time Localization

Informz has a powerful feature called send time localization. Currently, this is for the iMIS integration. This feature looks at subscribers’ Zip/Postal Codes in the iMIS database and correlates it to a time zone. Then, it correlates the time zone to the mailing's send time. For example, if you send a mailing at 2:00 pm in your time zone, subscribers receive that mailing at 2:00 pm in their own time zone. Likewise, if an organization sends a mailing from their New York City office at 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time, subscribers in San Francisco receive the mailing at 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time!


You access Send Time Localization from the Send tab in the Mailing Designer.

From the Send tab, click Schedule Mailing to view the scheduling options. Select Localized as your Delivery Method. This sets your mailing to use send time localization.

Other Notes

  • If either zip code or country is not present in iMIS, then Informz uses the sender’s time zone.
  • If the publish time has already passed in the subscribers’ time zone, the mailing publishes immediately. For example, if an organization in San Francisco schedules a mailing for 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time, subscribers in New York City receive the mailing at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (i.e. 9:00 PST).
  • You need to have Integration Personalizations active in your account to use iMIS send time localization.
  • The following countries are currently not supported by send time localization: Brazil, DR Congo, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Mexico, Mongolia, and Russia.

Anytime at All!

Think about it - how often do you read your organization's mailings past midnight? The answer is probably "not that often" (or ever!).

Send time localization is a powerful tool for any iMIS user. It is simple to use, and by ensuring that subscribers receive mailings at the desired time in their unique time zone, you've taken another leap toward increasing engagement.