Send for Review

Isn't it a hassle to try to sort through all of the comments that people make on an upcoming mailing? Sometimes they reply to your test in Outlook, sometimes they print it out and drop a piece of paper on your desk, and sometimes they walk over to your desk and talk to you. Don't you want a more organized and efficient solution?

Use the Reviewer tool to effectively and efficiently collaborate with people to make suggestions or comments on the mailing. You get an efficient way to collaborate, a complete audit trail of changes, and an easy way to make those changes in your mailing. To send the mailing for review, follow these simple steps!


In the Mailing Designer, navigate to the Test tab.

Click Send for Review.

Enter a list of email addresses or choose a test group to invite people to review this mailing. A reviewer does not have to be an authorized user of Informz - they simply need a vaid email address.

Click the Due Date field to set a due date from the calendar pop-up.

Drag the hour and minute sliders to set the time reviews are due. Make sure that you consider your publishing timelines so that you give your reviewers enough time to review (and so that you give yourself enough time to send the mailing!).

Add instructions or a message to be sent with the invitation. It's helpful to point out specific changes where you would like comments.

Click the corresponding checkbox to include a test mailing with the invitation (see below for more details). We recommend that initially you do not do that.

Click the first dropdown list to decide how you want comments emailed to the author (after each comment, once per day, or never).

Click the second dropdown list to select if you want to send an email to the reviewer each time someone replies to his or her comment.

Click the third dropdown list to select a time to send a reminder to the reviewers about an approaching due date.

Click Send.

Who Can Review?

As a general rule, only people you invite can add comments. This does not apply to all authorized users! For example, an admin user who was not part of the reviewer invitation cannot add comments or edit the mailing.

Changes to Workflows Are People Changes

The Reviewer is great, but its success in your organization is dependent on getting your team onboard with using the tool. We recommend that you do not initially use the "Include test mailing in invitation" option. This is because you will be falling back to the current experience of using a test mailing. Your reviewers will likely create a reply in Outlook or Gmail and email you all of their edits (you don't want that!).

You want to create a new and more efficient way of doing things by using the Reviewer. By having all of the comments in one place and having them visible to all reviewers, you will reduce duplicate comments, and you will also let your reviewers discuss their comments directly via the tool. You (the person responsible for putting the mailing together, but not necessarily the subject matter expert on each and every story in the mailing) can sidestep the back and forth discussions and simply wait for the final results.


Check out the related articles to learn how to add comments! As always, don't hesitate to reach out to your Advisor for ideas on how to introduce The Reviewer to your organization. It's there to make your review cycles easy and efficient!