Send a Transactional Mailing

Once you've put together all the pieces of a transactional mailing, it's time to send! However, before you go any further, let's review the parts of a whole transactional mailing:

If you've assembled the pieces above, you're good to go!


Hover over the Menu icon for the transactional mailing you wish to send and select Publish. You'll have two options:

  • Send Now: Send the mailing immediately
  • Schedule/Options: Schedule the mailing (iMIS only)

Send Now

When you select Send Now, the Publish to Subscribers page opens. Here, you can send your mailing immediately. Informz identifies the Invoice and Target Group and indicates whether or not the mailing has been published before.

Click Yes to send your mailing. You'll receive a confirmation from Informz.


When you select Schedule/Options, the Mailing Scheduling/Publishing Options page opens. Here, you'll have several options for your transactional mailing. Please note the following nuances:

  • If you are using a recipient data file, you'll only have the schedule option to Send Once (the data file provides the recipients for the transactional mailing).
  • If you are using an iMIS SQL view, you'll have the options to send a recurring mailing (Send Daily or Weekly or Send Monthly).

  • Schedule Options: Select to schedule once, daily/weekly, or monthly.
  • Test Schedule: Schedule a test mailing
  • Send Time Optimization: Send the mailing when subscribers historically open their mailings.
  • Mailing Reuse: Send to subscribers who have never received the mailing. This prevents a subscriber from receiving the mailing multiple times.
  • Recency and Frequency Rules: Apply recency and frequency rules to the mailing.
  • Additional Recipients: Add a test group to receive the mailing.
  • Text Only?: Opt to send the mailing as a text-only mailing.

Click Update to schedule your mailing with your selected options.

Transaction Complete!

Always make sure that you have all the pieces of your transactional mailing ready to go before sending. This ensures that everything is in place! Additionally, do not forget to test your mailing before sending it! Check out the related articles to learn more.