Send a Test Mailing

Before sending your mailing, it is extremely important to test it! Always send a test mailing - it is a great way to catch any rendering issues before your mailing lands in a subscriber's inbox.


In the Mailing Designer, navigate to the Test tab.

Click Send Test.

Select a Delivery Format. 

Select an Email Test Type from the dropdown list:

  • Email all Stories: Users receive all stories in the mailing.
  • Email based on profile of recipient: Users receive an email for each active subscriber entered.
  • Email all versions of mailing: Users receive all versions of this mailing.

To send to a customized list of recipients, click Enter a list of email addresses.

To send to a previously built test group, click Choose a Test Group. Click the dropdown list to select a mailing test group.

You have several Test Options that you can modify:

  • Prepend to Subject: Enter any text to add to your mailing subject line (such as noting that this is a test mailing).
  • Prepend to Content: Enter any text to add to the mailing body.
  • Send test replies to: Enter an email address to receive any test replies. Click Use Mailing Reply-To to add the mailing's Reply-To email for this address.

When ready, click Send.

Final Thoughts

Check out the Reviewer tool to efficiently test your mailing with a large group of recipients!