Selecting iMIS Remote Interests in Informz to Add to a Form

Integrated Preference Management (IPM) affords an organization a big opportunity to create a better preference management experience for its subscribers as well as enhanced targeting for the organization.

The subscriber gets to use a nice looking Informz form to simply check, or uncheck, those things that they are interested in, or not interested in. No login is required to iMIS to manage these options. This makes for a frictionless process.

The staff gets better data about what truly will engage, and maybe even excite, the readers of the mailings that your organization sends (and the larger efforts the organization is embracing as represented by those stories.)

Informz automatically syncs user-defined tables and checkbox fields from iMIS. An Informz Administrator selects which tables and fields are available for use in Informz. This function requires the Informz Administrator permission.


Navigate to Subscribers > Profile Fields.

Click the Profile Fields dropdown list and select iMIS Remote Interests.

Click Manage iMIS Remote Interests on the left.

The Manage iMIS Remote Interests window opens. This window displays an alphabetical list of the user-defined tables and fields used as communication preferences from iMIS. Once checked within this window, a field displays under the iMIS Remote Interests page and becomes available for use on a data input form.

Check or uncheck the checkboxes next to the desired remote interests.

Click Refresh to update the list in the window. This is relevant when an active iMIS session has created/changed a user-defined table or field. For example, if the window is open, and a new user-defined field is added in iMIS, you can click Refresh to update the interests in Informz to include the new field.

Click Save to save your changes.

Click Close to close the window. Changes are not saved unless you first clicked Save.

Remote Control

Using the Manage iMIS Remote Interests feature in Informz gives you full control over the iMIS interests that you plan to use.