Select a Target Group

There are a few different ways to select who receives yor mailing. Read on to learn about how to set your target groups!


Navigate to Mailing Designer > Set-Up tab.

Next, navigate to the Envelope section.

Click the To field.

The first order of business is to determine what level of targeting this mailing should have. There are three options to choose from:

  1. Select the Target Group for the entire mailing: This sends the same mailing content to everyone in the target group.
  2. Specify the Target Group for each Story: This enables dynamic segmentation so that a different configuration of the mailing is appropriate sent to subscribers based on their inclusion in a target group. You will subsequently specify the target group for each story.
  3. Enter a list of email addresses for the entire mailing: This is appropriate for short list of up to 15 recipients.

Click Update.

Final Thoughts

Your planning discussions should always include thought around the definition and make-up of a target group. This is way that you align the right message to the right subscribers. Target groups are powerful tools in your in mailing toolbox! Interested in learning more? Check out the related articles.