Schedule a Mailing One Time

Are you looking to schedule a one-time mailing for a future date and time? Check out the schedule mailing option!


Navigate to Mailings > View > select a mailing > Modify > Send tab. 

Click Schedule Mailing.

The Set Date and Time to Send pop-up window will display.

Select Once under Schedule Option. This will ensure that the mailing will only send one time.

Click Edit and a calendar will appear.

Select date and time from the date picker.

Click Done to save the date and time.

To send the mailing all at one time, select Standard under Delivery Method.

Checking Text Only overrides your subscribers' profile and sends this mailing only as a text version.

Click Yes to schedule your mailing.

You Control the Future!

Scheduling a one-time future mailing is a great way to be certain that your mailing is sent to your recipients at just the right time! Just remember, this is only one of your many delivery options. Check out the others by reading the related articles!