Schedule Your Posts

Socializer lets you stay ahead of the game by scheduling content in advance. Whether you need a post to go out tomorrow or in ten weeks, Socializer has you covered!


You’ll begin by composing a social post in the New Message window. Once you’re ready, click the Schedule icon.

The window expands, revealing your different schedule options.

Click the Date field to open a date picker where you can select a date for your post. Likewise, click the Time field to set a time for your post.

Click the Optimal Time (asterisk) button to use a behind-the-scenes algorithm to optimize your posting time.

Check the Repeat checkbox to open a new window where you can set options for repeating your post.

  • Repeats: Select Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Annually.
  • Repeat Every: Select the frequency of repetition (the frequency options change based on how often your post repeats – hours, days, etc.).
  • Starts: Identifies the start time.
  • Ends: Click the provided fields to set the end date and time.
  • Only On (Hourly and Daily Only): Use the checkboxes to select specific days of the week to repeat the post.
  • Summary: A summary of your posting repeat schedule.

Click OK to confirm your repeat options.

When everything is set to your specifications, click Schedule to schedule your post.

On Schedule, On Time!

It never hurts to plan ahead, so make sure you take advantage of your scheduling options.