Salesforce Cached Personalizations

Informz allows remote personalization fields to display in your Informz accounts as table columns. These personalizations are ultimately cached in Informz, and they refresh once a week (through a weekly behind-the-scenes process) or manually. When enabled, these personalization fields appear as selectable columns in any subscriber listing, and you can preview data in those fields.

If you are having problems with cached personalizations, this article can help! Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I selected at least one field for caching?
  • Did I save the most recent changes?
  • Have I manually refreshed the Personalization Cache?
  • Is there are problem with my Integration Bridge Connection?

Activating Cached Personalizations

You must select the fields you wish to cache from the List of Attributes page (Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration).

Click List of Personalization Attributes to open the Personalizations page.

The page is broken into collapsible sections based on target group type: Salesforce Contacts and Salesforce Leads.

Note that if your account uses the Exclude Leads logic, you won’t see the Salesforce Leads section!

When you expand the table, you can select subscribers to have their personalizations cached by checking the checkbox in the Caches Data column. You can select up to 20 fields to cache for each target group type.

When ready, click Save Changes & Refresh Cache.

If you have at least one field selected for caching, this refreshes the cache and displays a confirmation message. If you do not have any fields selected or if the integration bridge is down, you’ll receive a corresponding error message.

Refreshing Your Personalization Cache

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration.

Click Refresh Personalization Cache to sync the cache.

The status of your last sync is listed next to the Refresh Personalization Cache button.

One More Thing

When you publish a mailing to a remote subscriber, Informz uses the personalization values that have been cached!