Salesforce Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble with your Salesforce integration, there are a few things you can do to solve issues that might arise. Let's look at some possible solutions.

Down Connection

The check connection could fail, even if a sync is still successful. Make sure the URL is correct or isn’t broken (the URL may be the causing the issue).

If a list of lists sync or a target group sync fails when Informz is first connecting, make sure the Email Opt-Out field is visible, even if the leads aren’t being used. When syncing the personalization fields, the code checks for the Email Opt-out field. This field needs to be visible in Salesforce for contacts and leads to allow Informz to send an Unsubscribe writeback to Salesforce.

An email is sent out to your Advisor and the Informz Operations team about any integrations that are not working so even if you don't see it, Informz does.

Mailing Activity

If the Salesforce Mailing Activity Writebacks start showing status of Error (even if the unsubscribe and resubscribe writebacks are working), the Salesforce instance may have used up the storage allotment.

Undeleting a Salesforce Report

The Informz staff does not have a way to restore the corresponding Salesforce report used to create an Informz target group. If a mailing’s target group was reliant on that now deleted Salesforce Report, the mailing will fail to send. The Informz Software Operations team is notified of this failure and the mailing is also flagged as “failed” in the account.

Can’t Create Salesforce Profile

If you are using the Salesforce Professional edition, you are not allowed to create a Profile. However, the Salesforce integration requires the profile to create an API user (the API user ultimately allows Informz to get data from Salesforce). You can check with your reseller of the Professional edition to see if you are able to create API users. If not, you will likely need to upgrade the edition to use the integration.

Personalization & Target Group

If the mailing to be sent is a copy of a previously created mailing, the previously used target group is referenced. If this previously used target group was not a Salesforce list, then Salesforce personalization fields are not initially available for selection. Once the target group is changed to be a Salesforce list, the Salesforce personalization fields are displayed.

Last, but not Least...

If you have any other questions about your integration, please reach out to your Advisor for support and guidance!