Salesforce Syncing

Sync is the term used to describe the process by which Informz receives information from Salesforce. There are two types of syncs in this integration.

  • Retrieving the list of Salesforce Reports.
  • Retrieving the subscribers for a particular report from Salesforce.


There are four events that trigger a sync. These occur when a user:

  • Clicks Refresh Target Group List for a Salesforce target group.
  • Clicks Refresh Target Group List on the Bridge Configuration page.
  • Clicks Sync Target Group/Resync Target Group on the Count Details page to sync subscribers.
  • Sends a mailing to a Salesforce target group.

By hovering over the Menu icon and clicking Info for a target group, users can access the subscriber counts based upon the last time the list was synced with Salesforce. Alternatively, a sync can be performed manually.

After syncing, the Count Details are presented to help the end-user understand how the starting number from Salesforce (Total Records from Salesforce) becomes the number that Informz uses (Distinct and Valid Email Addresses from Salesforce). Note that a valid email is any correctly-formed email address.

Deleted Reports

If you delete a Salesforce report after it has been previously synced with Informz, it will no longer display in Informz after the next sync. If a mailing's target group relied on the now-deleted report, the mailing fails. Informz's Software Operations team remains notified of any failures, and the mailing is flagged as failing in the account.

"Everything but the Kitchen Sync”

Once you sync between Informz and Salesforce, you’ll have everything (and everyone!) you need to build new, sophisticated compound target groups. And with these target groups in your toolbox, you’ll be able to take your marketing campaigns to the next level!