Salesforce API Calls

Because Salesforce is a platform, use of their API is tightly controlled. Informz attempts to be very economical with the number of API calls that it makes to Salesforce. However, the more a client uses the integration the higher the number of API calls that occur. A client can purchase more API calls from Salesforce if needed.

Salesforce has set limits on the number of API calls per 24-hour period per organization. The organization is entitled to 1,000 calls per license for an Enterprise Edition, with a daily maximum of 1,000,000. Please note that Salesforce looks at all applications using the API when it evaluates this daily usage. While the Informz for Salesforce integration uses very few API calls, please consult with a Salesforce administrator to ensure that your organization’s needs are satisfied with these usage amounts (as above, additional API calls can be purchased from Salesforce if needed).

Every Salesforce organization can be set up with many variable options, which makes the following estimates very loose estimates. These estimates came from using the Informz development sandbox Salesforce database.

The inclusion of requests for personalizations has no effect on the number of API calls.

Estimates for the number of API calls from Informz to Salesforce for the following scenarios:

  • Syncing the list of lists with 1,000 target groups: 70
  • Creating/syncing a contact target group for the first time with 10,000 people: 50
  • Syncing a contact target group with 10,000 people and no personalizations: 50
  • Syncing a target group with 10,000 contacts and four personalizations: 50
  • Sending a mailing to 5,000 people that contains four personalizations: 20
  • Checking if the connection is up and running: 2-4
  • Mailing Writeback: 1-2
  • Unsubscribe/Resubscribe Writeback: 2-3

Salesforce License for the Integration

Informz strongly recommends that you purchase a separate Salesforce license for the exclusive use for the integration. This username and password would only be used by the integration. This gives your much more discrete control and monitoring over this entity that is connecting to his or her Salesforce organization.