Insert a RSS Feed in a Mailing

Using Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds allows you to place and format web content from various websites in your mailings. If you are already planning on loading articles onto your website, this feature is very beneficial because it is easy to also pull these articles into your mailing. Read on to learn how to insert them into your mailing!


Navigate to a story in a mailing.

Click the RSS Feeds icon.

Click the Feed Source dropdown list to select a source.

Check the box next to the story, or stories, you would like to insert.

Click Select Layout.

Click the Story Layout dropdown list to select the layout to use.

Click Insert.

The RSS content, wrapped in the selected story layout, is inserted in the story.

Final Thoughts

Remember that RSS feeds let you include outside content in a mailing and that using RSS feeds in your mailings is a great way to increase your efficiency!