Review Tab

Teams that incorporate The Reviewer into their mailing preparation process find that their efficiency and mailing quality goes way up. The Reviewer is a great way to facilitate a review process on a mailing.

As a way to help your team stay organized, all of your mailings that are in review appear on their own tab. Once a mailing is in review, it is moved from the In Progress tab to the Review tab. Learn how to navigate through the Review tab by following these simple tips!


Navigate to Mailings > View > Review tab

The Review tab is where you see all of the mailings that are in the review.

Hover over the icon to the left of the name to see the different options.

To view the comments that other have made, select View Comments

To edit the mailing while it is in the review tab, select Edit

To change the due date for people reviewing the mailing, select Change Due Date

To add a reviewer after you have sent it out for review, select Add Reviewer

If you would like to send out the invitation to review the mailing again, select Resend Invitations

If you want to end the review period earlier than expected, select End Review

To search for a mailing select Search

To reset the column layout to the default select Reset

To add or take away columns, select Columns. To add a column, select the plus sign next to the name. To remove a column select the minus sign next to the name. Select Ok and it will update with the column information requested.

To export the information to an Excel spreadsheet, select Export

Once the due date for the review passes, the mailing will automatically be visible on the In Progress tab.

Use the Reviewer!

The Reviewer is a feature that Informz built to accommodate many different people needing to see the mailing before it went out. To learn more on how to use the reviewer tool, check out the related articles.